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Our programme

Speedy Sneakers Bot was developed by a small, independent team. We use a multitude of complex algorithms which facilitate the almost instantaneous processing speed. Therefore, the complete transaction of purchasing a pair of shoes takes no longer than 15 seconds.


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Many choice

In order to maintain a success rate of over 90%, we have decided to privilege speed over quantity. Thanks to Speedy Sneakers, you will be able to place orders on almost a dozen European websites that have all kinds of exclusive offers.


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Receiving your sneakers

When you place an order using Speedy Sneakers, the bot simply makes the purchase on the website. So you will be able to follow all of your orders directly on your favourite websites.


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Photo shoot

Once you have received your order, feel free to share your stunning shoes on social media with the hashtag #SSB. Take the lead and force the change !



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